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Neeramitra Reddy

Insightful, engrossing, and beautiful ones that I’ll never tire of

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It isn’t through exercise, dieting, or supplementation

Overweight woman sitting and sighing
Overweight woman sitting and sighing
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Investments that have given me enormous health, productivity, and fitness returns

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An E-Reader ($85)

Had I known these earlier — I would’ve saved a lot of effort, time, mental anguish, and money

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Write every day isn’t one of them

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They torch calories, boost endurance, are highly functional, and build full-body strength

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There’s much more to traveling than hopping on airplanes and hiking mountains

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Reading Books

Science-backed advice that’ll help you rapidly shed those kilos

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#1 — Move Around More

What posts with thousands of upvotes had in common

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With 21 itself encompassing such a large gamut, the 20s is an entire universe.

They can do the same for you if you stick to them for long enough

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Neeramitra Reddy

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