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Neeramitra Reddy

And can hopefully change yours

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If you can read only 5 fiction books, read these

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And that an exciting life need not be good

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Don’t wait for the gyms to reopen: a bar to hang from, a sturdy bag, resistance bands, and some creativity are all you need

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Rekindle the love you felt when you first discovered the world of reading

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Following it can severely hamper your progress. Here’s what to do instead

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The line between growing a muscle and killing it isn’t all that thick.

Really connecting with someone takes a good deal more

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When we broke up, I wondered if I had ever even known her.

And help keep my mind and life on track

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These ancient nuggets of wisdom are now research-supported.

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The astounding power of a single decision

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Neeramitra Reddy

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