Neeramitra Reddy
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There are tons of cliche habit articles floating around the internet. This is not one of them.

I’ll share with you 3 habits, just three — the only ones I’ve consistently stuck to for years and reaped tremendous returns.

Like most other articles, I could throw in 7 or 12…

Overweight woman sitting and sighing
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The fitness industry, especially the fat loss industry, is a cesspool of pseudoscience and misinformation.

While the only way to lose weight, which is a caloric deficit is kept in obscurity — Useless and dangerous fat loss pills, gimmicky workout plans, and fancy diets are shoved down our throats.


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It has been close to 5 years since I first stepped foot in a gym and the most shocking thing is just how much fitness misinformation there is out there.

The fitness industry looks glamorous and flourishing on the outside but in reality, is one of the darkest industries out…

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As Descartes said, “I think therefore I am, we are literally our minds. But few of us take care of them.

In a world of back-to-back meetings, hellish commutes, and cramped workspaces, we have normalized serious issues like burnout, depression, and anxiety.

No wonder mental health issues are at an…


Working out is the only thing that can single-handedly improve every aspect of your life.

My journey from a stuttering wimpy skinny-fat teenager to a confident masculine young adult was largely due to lifting weights.

When you put in the work, day in day out, in and out of the…

Muscular black man using the battle ropes
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For most people, the end of a workout signals only one thing — with an unnecessary urgency, they vigorously shake and gulp down their whey protein.

This is thanks to the 30-minute post-workout “anabolic window” myth that’s pervaded the fitness industry. But research has debunked that.

In fact, there are…

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